We've Pulled Out of the Station & Are ON THE ROAD!

Things are going great. Our first two screenings of Brave New Wild have been SOLD OUT SCREENINGS! What?! Yes, it's true. We have gotten off to a great start. And I can honestly say it is thanks to a kismet of kindred spirit kool kids who have showed up. Thank you everyone who has helped us get the word out about our film, and most of all, thank you to everyone who has come! Want to join in the fun? Next up, two nights scheduled at one-of-a-king theatrical venues: the San Diego screening at the Landmark Ken Cinema and the Austin screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Village presented by the Friends of Enchanted Rock!

Here's a few pictures of our first two screenings. The cool looking photos of the Laemmle Noho 7 are courtesy Erica Hampton and Mike Ambs.

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