Next Stop: the Landmark Ken Cinema and Durian Grey

On Tuesday, April 19th we'll be screening Brave New Wild at a really cool theater -- the historic Ken Cinema in San Diego! The screening is being presented by Tuomas Brock aka Durian Grey Promotions. (That's not a typo -- Tuomas is a Finnish spelling. And Tuomas is, you guessed it, part Finnish.) Who is this mysterious figure, and how did he get involved in hosting the San Diego screening? Here's a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes landscape for this event.

BNW: Where does the name Durian Grey Promotions come from?

Tuomas Brock: I had a short lived infatuation with durians. There's a group of people that travel around the world eating durians and I thought that was funny; it seemed like a cult. I really wanted to try one because I was fairly certain that I'd be among the rare westerners that enjoy them. I was given durian extract as a gift once and I've tried it baked into a pastry; both times I nearly puked. I've never actually tried the fruit straight, though I still hope to do so one day. I was once in possession of a durian, but I didn't eat it; it ended up in snow bank. Durian Grey--obviously a play on the Oscar Wilde character--just sounded funny to me and it's a name I sometimes record music under.

BNW: How did you get involved with us questionable filmmakers to begin with? Were you involved in the making of the film in any way?

TB: I met the film makers while at UCSD. Because of our extra curricular activities--Alex and I worked at the radio station and Oakley wrote for the school paper--we were always in the same area of campus. Alex and I were actually extras in one of Oakley's student films.

I helped them make a voice over/audio cut for the film. I pulled together a recording "rig" and went to their apartment in L.A. for the session. I was told that this recording would mainly be a stand in until they could make a professional recording. I was present at the actual recording session too and got to lay down a couple of voice over tracks. It wasn't until recently that I learned that some sound effects from the first recording session actually made it in to the final film. I'd also like to think that my moral support was invaluable to them. I'm kind of like the 5th Beatle in that regard.

BNW: What can we look forward to at the screening?

TB: The San Diego screening of "Brave New Wild" is going to be held at the Ken Cinema which is the last single screen theater in San Diego. There's definitely a cool vibe there because it's not just any old place. If that's not enough for you, there will also be a raffle for some cool prizes and a Q&A with Oakley and Alex. I'll be there too so you can ask me some questions if you'd like...but it might be better to do so over a drink after the show.

Thank you, Tuomas!

If you are in the SD area and haven't got your tickets yet, get them here. You have just under two days left!

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