Why We're Doing a Theatrical Tugg Tour with BRAVE NEW WILD

Packed house at sold out screening of Brave New Wild at Woods Hole Film Festival

On March 23rd the official Brave New Wild screening tour kicks off — powered by Tugg — this super nifty platform that gives a chance to lil ol independent upstart films like ours to screen in theaters.

Why Tugg?

The reason small films don’t show more often in theaters is because it’s expensive. You have to pay the theater to use the space to screen your film. You have to pay for someone to be their to project it. You have to pay for posters and tickets. And on top of all that upfront money, you never know if you’ll make any of it back, because even breaking even depends on enough people showing up. What if everyone says they’ll come, and then only five people show up? And that’s just the process to screen at one theater. Who has the money to shell out these upfront costs at multiple theaters? We don’t.

That’s the beauty of Tugg — you don’t have to spend any money. Because the screening is contingent on people buying tickets ahead of time, theaters agree to wait and take their fees out of the ticket sales. There’s no risk for the filmmakers or the theaters owners. It’s win-win.

The basic way Tugg works is this:

  1. Some fantastic human being decides they want to show the film in the city where they live, and requests to host a screening through the Tugg site.

  2. The theater approves a date and time approved for that city.

  3. We get enough people to buy their tickets ahead of time, and,

  4. Come the night of the screening, you show up at your local theater, eat popcorn, watch Brave New Wild, and celebrate with a roomful of other potentially fantastic human beings!

Why bother showing the film in theaters?

Because it’s a lot of fun, and most of all, it can be a great way for a small film to get out there, get people to come see it, and get a conversation going about the film and the community around it.

Want to be a part of our grassroots tour?

If you’re reading this, and you want to become an even more fantastic human being than you are already by hosting a Tugg screening in your town, that would make me incredibly happy and grateful. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me about it if you’re on the fence. Or dive in to the Tugg site.

It’s taken me nearly 8 years to reach this point with the film — with a little help, this is the year you can finally see it in theaters.

Here are the first three screenings to date:

If you’re in one of these places, come out and join us!

If you're not, well shoot, that could be a great excuse to bring Brave New Wild to your own town yourself.

- Oakley

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