"Brave New Wild deftly weaves together interviews, animated bursts of exposition and family footage to craft a taut narrative about the thrills and limitations of the climbing life."

- Brad Weismann, Denver Westword


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"Brave New Wild serves up a breezy, fun and compelling portrait of men who couldn’t resist the challenge of scaling something deemed unclimbable." 

- Beth Accomando, KPBS

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"Threads great and small weave together into this wonderful tale."

- Doug Robinson, Adventure Sports Journal


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"This isn’t just a story about climbing. It is such a human story. It is an artist’s story. A lot of the reverance and resonance around this film, for me, can’t easily be articulated."

- Janice Lee, Entropy Magazine


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"A layered and powerful story of searching for meaning in the most dangerous and uncharted of places, and the inspiring ‘dirtbags’ who left their mark before, during and after the golden era of climbing."

- Mike Ambs, Bureau of Creative Works

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"Brave New Wild presents a new and personal perspective on the golden years of climbing. I never thought I’d ever see a delightful climbing film, but Brave New Wild is not only entertaining, historically informative, fun and personal, it’s delightful!"

- Fred Padula, Director of El Capitan